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Why use ATP testing?

When having an independent test carried out you are gaining additional validity as a business alongside the test. The ATP network stores all testing data for 12 months after the test is carried out. And both you and your client can access them through The ATP Network.

We offer a non-biased service that will provide you with honest and accurate results that allows you to make clear judgements on how best to improve or maintain a standard of hygiene. All our professionals are insured, trained and experts in their field.

We have professionals throughout the UK who can meet your testing requirements quickly, efficiently and professionally.

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Duty of

By choosing an independent testing company to test on your behalf you are strengthening your relationship with your client and showing due diligence.

Whether you manage a care home or a veterinary surgery you have a duty of care to maintain a standard of hygiene to all who enter your premises.

Implementing an effective method is much easier when you have data to work from. This will in turn support your staff into delivering the best standards first time every time.

You can increase thoroughness of cleaning by implementing a hygiene test. Whether its analyzing the effectiveness of your own cleaning staff or a contractor you have, be sure they are doing as stated.

When asked to quote any regular commercial cleaning, decontamination or contract cleaning your client may ask you to prove your standards and methods to showcase they are as good as you say they are.

By incorporating an independent test into your quotation, you are instantly adding credibility to your company. It shows not only are you prepared to prove to the customer that you have something that sets you apart from your competitors, it proves that you have testing in place to verify that your methods and products are effective.

Booking with The ATP Network is easy.

Simply contact us and we can discuss your requirements and book your appointment.

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